Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Multi-function furniture for your home

If you're looking to give your home a stylish new makeover, there are more than a few ways in which you can do it. Whilst spending your money on an array of separate items may be one method, there's also a great range of multi-function furniture out there that can not only save you some pennies, but can also save you space too.

Facilitating guests

The living room is invariably one of the biggest rooms of the house. And as such, it can often perform a variety of functions which is why many items of furniture in the living room can benefit from being multi-functional.

One of the biggest joys of owning a home is having friends and family stay as guests. But often there simply aren't enough beds or bedrooms to go around. But this wonderful living room displays how a sofa-bed can provide an easy and compact solution to the bedding dilemma. And the use of a chest of drawers as a subtle storage area adds to the room's multi-functional capacity.

Other pieces of furniture to consider when maximising space include footstools that can be opened up to store extra items, as well as extendable dining tables that can be put back to their more compact position when your guests have left.

Bedroom functionality

The bedroom is another great place where you can simply save space with some smart pieces of furniture. For example, the Ottoman beds provided by Bedstar feature an easily-opened lid mechanism that can free up some extra space and can be used to contain those thick woolen blankets that aren't required except for the chilly winter months.

Another multi-functional item in the bedroom that is often overlooked is the mirrored wardrobe. These offer a huge space-saving feature, whilst the use of a mirror can have the additional benefit of making a compact space seem bigger than it really it is.

Kitchen solutions

Few areas of the house have the sheer variety of applications as the kitchen. Used for cooking, cleaning, eating and socialising, the kitchen is the epitome of a multi-functional space. And as such there are some great ways that you can add to the efficiency of kitchen operations.

Banquette seating in particular can aid issues of space in a kitchen. Apartment Therapy illustrate how banquettes offer a chic alternative to traditional dining options as they can be installed in virtually any space, and additional storage areas can easily be implemented beneath the benches meaning that your kitchen is able to be a fun, functional and social place for you to enjoy.

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