Sunday, 12 April 2015

The best gift we gave this Christmas was the gift of Now TV

We are a pretty technological family, even when it comes to TV.  We love our Smart TV, but not everyone in the family is the same.  So when it came to thinking of what to gift the in laws this Christmas we decided on a Now TV box.

They have a plasma screen TV that they love, but neither want to move any further forward than that.  My father in law is a farmer and works really hard and often work takes over especially if a cow is calving!

So when we were sent a Now TV Box to try we saw that it would be the perfect gift to give them and wow, we couldn't have been more on the button.

The Now TV Box has been a HUGE hit.

  1. Now TV is a non-contract Video on Demand service powered by Sky TV
  2. Is turned their TV in to a smart TV for £10
  3. Now TV gives access to a range of third-party streaming content, including BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, BBC News and even YouTube (which has been a huge hit for tractor videos)!
We were so impressed with the box we were given that we bought one for our parents and then my BIL bought one  for his daughters room too!

What we were really impressed with was it turned their TV, which has a great picture in to a smart TV without them having to go and buy a new TV. We purchased the Now TV box with 3 Month Entertainment Bundle for less than £30.

The in laws have had it for four months now and love their Now TV Box.  I am so pleased that we got them a useful gift.

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