Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Finding LEGO Bargains

We love LEGO.  Not just the boys, but me and the husbeast too.  LEGO is out go to gift for birthdays and Christmas for my nieces and also for the boys friends.

Both the boys are big LEGO fans with Maxi currently in to LEGO Star Wars and Minecraft LEGO and Mini in to LEGO City.

So I make it my job throughout the year to keep an eye out for LEGO bargains.

How to find bargain LEGO

Friends and Family.  LEGO lasts forever.  The boys have some of my old LEGO, so why not ask around friends and family to see if they have any in the loft they can gift or you can buy off them.

Ebay.  When we started the boys collection we wanted an assortment of bricks and baseplates, so kept an eye on ebay and finally something local popped up, which fit the bill perfectly.  The beauty of LEGO is you can pop it in the washing machine on a cool wash in a delicates bag or alternatively in a sink full of milton to make sure it is clean.

Facebook - I was introduced to the LEGO Deals UK may the bricks be with you page and this is a great page to follow as they pop on any offers that people might find.  I managed to get Maxi's birthday Star wars set half price from Asda from keeping an eye on here.

Local Facebook pages - This is another great place to keep an eye out for deals.

Boot Sales - If you are just looking for bricks then boots sales can be a great place to pick up really great value ones.  We haven't had much luck with sets,

I have a present cupboard where I put anything we have sourced throughout the year and LEGO is one of those toys that never goes out of fashion, so I buy it when I see it.

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