Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Easy Mother's Day Card

For those of you in the UK it is Mother's Day on Sunday 15 March and as a Mum to two wonderful, noisy boys, I know that all I really want is a lie in and a handmade mother's day card. However, why not take a look at this fab fun Mother’s day calculator from Newcastle Building Society to see how much your Mum is really worth or what Mother's Day traditions are around the world.

Once you have then why not get prepared and make this fab easy Mother's Day card, which was inspired by this fab hanging Mother's Day flowerpot craft by In the Playroom

Easy Mothers Day Card


  1. A4 white card
  2. Pen
  3. scissors
  4. Paint We love this Scola Artmix ready mix coloured paint
  5. Baby wipes (perfect for wiping little hands and fingers before you get them to the sink)

How to make an easy Mother's Day Card

To make this super simple I have made you a template, so  that you can either print or cut the plan pot.  I cut mine on the Cricut Explore and it also did the writing too!  Oh and it now has a Bluetooth dongle, so you do not have to have your Cricut Explore connected to your laptop or PC and you can use it on your IPad and it costs under £25!

If like me you have a child that is totally averse to getting dirty you can always cut round their hand on green paper, but ideally you want to cover your childs hand with green child safe washable paint and get them to stamp it on the card and then wash their hand allowing the paint to dry.

We started by stamping handprints on to a piece of A4 card folding in half and allowing it to dry.  Mini doesn't mind getting all messy, it is Maxi that hates it! 

We then added fingerprint flowers to the end of each of the fingers.

Then we glued on our plant pot.

A super easy, but wonderful Mother's Day Card that will be treasured for years to come. 

If you are looking for more Mother's Day inspiration that I also have 30 fabulously frugal DIY Mother's Day gifts over at The Mad House. 


  1. Oh those cards are gorgeous! I love the mothers day calculator too, think I might have to show that to my husband and kids as well ;)

  2. So sweet and I love the idea of a dongle for the cricut

  3. Lovely card. I must send something to my mum. I've seen each of my children make at least two cards for me so far, at pre-school, and toddler group, and at home and school. I think I may be inundated with cards on Sunday!

  4. thank you for your timely tweet, we made these here with the playgroup today!


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