Sunday, 1 March 2015

Back to basic basics money management #FabulouslyFrugal

This weeks fabulously frugal is all about back to basics money management for me this week.   In order to save money you really need to be able to manage what you have and not be afraid of the numbers.

I know that feeling of being scared to open the letters on the doormat and living in fear.  I also know what it feels like to go shopping with the pennies from the boys money boxes.

In fact some months after my health scare the only ways we all got fed was my be going to the bank on MadDads payday and drawing out the cash for a months food. Since then I vowed to work on reducing our debt and I use the envelope method of paying for things.

There were some ace posts about managing your money on last weeks #FabulouslyFrugal link up that I really wanted to share with you all.

Money Management with free budgeting sheet by co host Diary of a Frugal Family
5 ways to start an emergency fund by my fellow co host Bare feet on the Dashboard 
How to prepare before financial disaster strikes  from a Debt Free Stress Free Life
Creating an effective budget by Budgeting Divas

I also really loved five ways to start saving money as it really shows that counting the pennies isn't as hard as people sometimes think
Do you have a post that is about thrifty parenting, decorating or lifestyle.  One that is about frugal food or crafts and art.  or even a post about making the post of what you have, then please do link up.
Each week we make sure we pin the post, feature some on our facebook pages and then we each have a round up on a Sunday. Let's all share that being frugal can be fabulous.

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Please take a look at my fab co hosts and their posts, Cass at Dairy of a Frugal FamilyMum in the Mad House and out two new Hosts Emma at Mum's Savvy Savings and Becca from Bare Feet of the Dashboard.

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  1. Totally get this post Jen. We have been through some pretty tough times over the last 10 years. I haven't been able to bring myself to talk about it in any great detail and one of the hardest things is people look at you and your home and assume you can't possibly know what its like to have no money. I'm happy to say we have worked our socks off and pulled ourselves out the other side but we are still very careful with our money xx


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