Friday, 20 March 2015

5 things I have done this week to save money 20/03

Oh it has been a busy week for us here.  A 10th birthday, Mother's Day and our 20th Wedding anniversary oh and a broken loo on top of that too!  So I am joining in with Cass at The Diary of a Frugal Family in sharing how we have made our savings.

Even though it has been a busy week with some major expenditure we have still managed to find ways to get the best deals.

1) I made my wedding anniversary card.  We never buy cards (well I don't) and I love making them do I guess I saved around £2.  Also no gifts this year either.

2) I made Maxi's 10th birthday cake.  Have you seen the cost of birthday cakes?  Those candles will be put away and saved for Mini's 10th birthday next year!

3) We didn't have a traditional birthday party as such, he had a sleepover and a movie with 2 best mates at the weekend and a tea with friends on his actual birthday.

4) I rang round plumbers to make sure we got the best price for our repair (we tried and failed to fix it, not even the BIL could manage it)!

5)We didn't go daft on Mother's day gifts.  The boys made handmade mother's day cards for me and for my Mother in Law and I got some lovely daffodils (I would rather have a bunch of dafs a week for 10 weeks that a bunch of expensive flowers)!

Have you made any savings this week?

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  1. You have had a busy week! The children made homemade Mother's Day cards for their Grandmas and they were far more delighted with them than they could have been with any shop bought card.


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