Sunday, 8 February 2015

Tips for Charity and Thrift Store Shopping - Fabulously Frugal 8 February

First off I want to thank everyone for making the relaunch of Fabulously Frugal do amazingly fabulous.  We appreciate every one of you that linked up and I have to say what a great bunch of posts, which are going to save me a ton of money,

What stood out for me, was the ways to shop at a charity/thrifty store.  I am always well jealous of people that get amazing charity shop finds.  I have been lucky a couple of times, but not I am confident that I will be much better and get a lot more things that I need.

Penny from Being Mrs C did a fab video on Charity Shopping with some great advice.

Where as Justine did a fab post teaching us all how to score at the thrift store.

So come and link up any posts you have that are Fabulously Frugal including money saving, money management, money making, crafts using recycled products or just of you making the most of what you have.

Please do visit my co hosts Mum in the Mad House who is sharing fabulous recycled art projects  and Diary of a Frugal Family.

Fabulously Frugal


  1. I love this - and have been inspired to share my tips for finding good clothes in charity shops!

  2. I am a total charity shop addict. I hardly ever buy brand new clothes these days. Love the video. Thank you for sharing on my #ThriftyThursday linky.

  3. I love shopping for kids books in the charity shops, story time doesn't become boring that way


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