Thursday, 27 November 2014

Cleanliness is Next To Stylishness When It Comes to Blinds and Drapes

Walk around your house and look at the surfaces. Do you see dust on them? What about the drapes and curtains? You will not see dust on them, though you may notice cat or dog fur. If you beat the fabric, though, you will see plenty of dust puff into the air, unless you have washed it recently. What about your other window treatments? Whether or not you notice, they have lots of dust clinging to them, too. Usually it is quite easy to see the dust that cakes up on your blinds.

Part of maintaining a stylish or fashionable house is to also make sure that it is relatively clean. Imagine your embarrassment upon hearing a guest remark about the dust billowing from a curtain that she bumped. Or your discomfort after seeing a guest discreetly brush his finger through the dust buildup on some blinds. Even if nobody comments on the dust or dirt buildup on your window treatments, it can still be embarrassing when you notice it yourself during a visit from friends.

If you enjoy entertaining, but do not have the budget to hire a housekeeper, you will need to perform the cleaning yourself. Curtains and drapes can be challenging. The first hurdle is to get them off of the fixtures to which they are fastened. If your curtains are on a rod, this is pretty simple. If your drapes are held with up with drapery hook pins, you must carefully remove them. The next step is to decide how to clean them. One option is to take them to a dry cleaner, who will use proper cleaning techniques and return them pressed and folded and ready for hanging. This can be especially helpful if the drapes are pleated, but can also be expensive. If you choose to wash your curtains yourself, you will need to know how to iron them afterwards. If you try to hang a curtain made of a light material without ironing it, you will be disappointed by its appearance after hanging. If you try to iron pleated drapes on your own, you could be in for some frustration.

If you cover your windows with blinds, you will find that cleaning is easy if you do it weekly. In the space of one week, the buildup of dust is minor. You can use a feather duster to get between each open slat. You can also close the slats and run your vacuum cleaner wand over them. If you notice corners that remain dusty, put an old sock or glove over your hand and wipe the dust that way.

If your blinds are not wood, you can wash them if it has been a while since the last cleaning. Warm soapy water and a sponge work well. If the blinds are caked with dirt in some spots, you will need to engage in some heavy duty washing. This works best if you close and detach the blinds, then hang them in your shower from the shower rod inside of the shower curtain. Use a soft scrub brush, soap and some warm water from the shower and scrub each side down well. After rinsing, hang them outside to dry or towel dry them.

If your blinds are wood, you can use a feather duster to clean them, but do not use water. Also effective is a dryer sheet because it eliminates the static that holds the dust. Run the dryer sheet across each slat. Another option is to use a dab of liquid fabric softener on a soft brush, running it across the slats.

Clean window coverings are important to maintaining a house suitable for entertaining. Cleanliness is critical for maintaining style.

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