Sunday, 23 November 2014

20 Kids christmas gift alternatives to toys

If your house is anything like mine then your kids certainly do not need any more toys.  In fact they play with less than 10% of the toys they have and I am beginning to believe that less is more where toys are concerned.

So this year we are really cutting back on the toys front and I have been giving people ideas on alternatives that they can give to the boys rather than toys this christmas


Magazine subscriptions
Subscriptions to museums, local attractions, petting zoo, soft play, 
Money to books each month

Food Gifts

Cooking lessons
Ingredients to cook a specific meal
Sweet treats
Homemade cookies
A Jar of ingredients
Cookery book


Place money directly into a child's current account
Pay in to an investment account


A pocket knife
Art supplies
Gardening stuff and tools
Magnifying glass


Science kits, my boys love crystal making kids, weather kits
Sewing kits
Craft Kits
Art Kits

This year the boys have one large gift each and then we are providing them with an experience for each month of the year.  Keep an eye on Mum in the Mad House to find out more.

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