Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The MiniMads perfect Hotel Kids Pack

We have stayed at a QHotel before and one of the things the boys loved was the kids packs they received on arrival.  They are currently looking for family ambassador and this is something we would love to be.

So I asked the boys how could the pack they received be better?

This is there thoughts:

  1. Backpack or gym sack style bag would be great.  You could have the hotel brand on it, perfect for keeping all the pack stuff in and also great for our stuff when traveling.
  2. Magazine. We love magazines and our favorite is the free LEGO one.  It comes for three different age groups and you could have a preschool, Junior and kids.  That way it would have age appropriate reading, activities, puzzles and colouring.
  3. Multicoloured Pencil - rather than crayons, which are hard to use for puzzles, crosswords and such.  A pencil that you change the lead in to colour with. 
  4. Pack or cards - We love cards, they could have hotel pictures on the rear.  Great for simple games such as snap or poker for teens  Or if you want to be really clever you could have Q Hotel top trump cards!
  5. Postcard and Stamp - We loved that our pack had postcards in, but mummy never has a stamp.  it would be great to be able to fill your postcard out and leave it with the receptionist to be posted. 
  6. Bath Duck - Rather than have this in the pack, they could be hidden in the room like a treasure hunt for us to find!
  7. Q Hotel Passport - A kids passport which you get stamped at the hotels you visit.  It would also be great if there was a question or a fact that you had to find about each location too. 
  8. Sports bottle/Cup - We are always thirsty and worry about spilling our water in hotels.  A leak proof cup would be a great idea 

As a parent having age appropriate packs makes such a difference.  If I had a toddler then colouring and crayons would be more appropriate, but for my boys at eight and nine these would be a waste of money. 

I also asked the boys why we would make good ambassadors
We love visiting new places and having new experiences.  We have learned that we would rather have an experience than a new toy.  
If Mummy and Daddy could take us to all of the QHotels we would tell people the best places close by for Kids by Kids. 
As parents, we love showing the boys around the wonderful county we call home.  We are blessed in the UK to have such a wonderful range of places to visit and being ambassadors would mean we could really experience the UK.  Another part of me would love to do this with the boys in a way to wean them from their reliance on technology and screen time.  I want to go back to basics and enjoy family fun without screens.  I want to switch off and enjoy life.   

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