Friday, 1 August 2014

Create Weetabix Friends and Faces

At the beginning of the summer we were sent a fab "Kids in the Kitchen" goodie box from Betta Living and over the next four weeks I am going to be sharing with you some of the fab activities from this box. NOw I wasn't paid to share these with you, but they are such great activities it would be a crime not to.   All the activities are simple, inexpensive and fun to do.


Decorating Weetabix is fun (and healthier than biscuits). See who can create the most colorful and creative critters or funny faces on their Weetabix! Use fruit instead of sweets to make this even more healthy!

How long: Up to 1 hour

Cost: £3.50   

What you’ll need: 

Weetabix (£1.49 for 12), writing icing (£2) or make your own icing, plus items to decorate - Smarties, M&Ms, strawberry laces, blueberries, strawberries, vanilla yoghurt, banana.


Before the decorating begins you could ask your child to draw out some designs and ideas, this is a good exercise to encourage creativity. Use the writing icing to follow the designs.
Using your icing pens (or mix icing sugar with water to create an icing paste) stick the features on your Weetabix to create funny faces.

Create the funniest faces you can think of by sticking on colorful treats such as banana sweets to create a mouth, Smarties to create and nose and blueberries as eyes! And why not go against the clock and make it a Weetabix face-painting race?

You can also do this with biscuits. You can either get creative and bake your own biscuits or just use regular biscuits – pimp up some digestives or rich tea biscuits from any supermarket.

When you’ve finished ask your child to wash up any dirty bowls!

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