Monday, 4 August 2014

Become a Kitchen Retailer

Activity: Set up a grocery shop and take turns being shop keeper / customer

How long: 1 hour, a successful shop can trade all afternoon!

Cost: £0

What you’ll need: 

Tins from your cupboard, real or play coins and a till if you already have one, if not you could use an old biscuit tin, stickers and a pen to price the product


Use items you have in your cupboards to make a shop, ask your child to organise the product into different categories and using stickers get your child to price each item and open the shop for business!

Other ideas.

Why not print out a load of play fruit from Mr Printables.  Then you can have fun with that too.  Or some kids kitchen menus.  I also love the idea of pretend shopping lists 

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