Tuesday, 26 August 2014

10 Cardboard roll crafts including a loo roll rocket competition

Do your kids love to junk model as much as mine.  A firm favorite of ours is loo roll crafts (or cardboard tubes from kitchen rolls and wrapping paper).

If you fancy making a loo rock rocket then enter it in to Rocket Bingos loo roll rocket competition, which you can find out about on their bingo promos page. This week we had a fabulous afternoon making a loo roll rocket that flies and entering it into Rocket Bingos Loo roll rocket competition.

Cardboard tubes are such a versatile craft material, so if this inspires you why not take a look at the crafts below and have some fun with the kids:  It is amazing what you can do with some inspiration and some loo rolls, so grab yours from the recycling pile and get crafty.

I love these toilet toll shakers, what a great way to make a toy out of something you have decorated.

The boys would love to make these knitting looms.

These toilet roll bracelets by Molly Moo are wonderful and perfect for manual dexterity with the weaving involved.

I know that we would have so much fun making these loo roll glasses.

I look how bright and fun this rocket is from Crafty Morning.

How cute would this windmill be, a great way to demonstrate wind power.

I am really taken with these changing faces toilet roll people, great for learning about changing feelings.

What child wouldnt love a pair of binoculars. perfect for adding to any dressing up box.

How perfect is this bi-Plane, perfect for any Dusty fans with Planes 2 just out.

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