Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How safe is your kitchen?

I recently blogged about Child Safety Week over at Mum in The Mad House.  It was especially relevant to me as we had a kitchen scare the previous week.

Research* suggests that more than 1 million children under 15 are treated by A&E each year following an injury in or around the home.

It reminded me that it is important to be aware of  hazards in the kitchen and to make sure that we do not become complacent no matter how old our children are.

Betta Living are also aware of the dangers lurking in the kitchen and they have a fab online test to see if you can spot them, too.

I challenged the minimads to take the Betta Living Kitchen Hazard Awareness test tonight and was really impressed that both of them got nine out of ten, which was more than my seven!

Betta Living  have also carried out a survey to find out just why so many children are falling victim to household hazards. Is there enough awareness being raised about potential dangers? Or are we simply too busy to address them? They also produced this infographic to explain the results.

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