Thursday, 10 July 2014

Family Film Night on a Budget

We love family film nights.  They are fun to organise at home and pretty inexpensive.  We go all out and have popcorn, tickets and make a real night of it.

We tend to buy DVD's or Blurays as we can rewatch them and we share them with family and friends.  Make sure you have popcorn, hotdogs and drinks and straws for a fab, frugal family film night.

Make your own popcorn boxes.

This are great and stop fighting over a large bowl or bag of popcorn.

Hand out tickets for movie night

Having tickets makes the night a real event.  Plus you could award them as a reward for good behaviour

Free movie night printables

Why not make movie night a party and use these fab free printables for invites and for the food table too.


  1. What great ideas....I love those popcorn boxes x

  2. I love the idea of using tickets as a reward. What a fab idea Jen!

  3. I'm loving this idea, would be great for sleepovers too


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