Saturday, 12 July 2014

Encouraging kindness in children

My mum always told me "to be kinder than I needed to be" and this is something that I have lived by all these years.

When thinking about which was our favorite quote for the #HeinzPastaQuotes competition with @tots100 we decided to share this one, which is from from Aesop's Fables, specifically The Lion and The mouse by Aesop.

I want my children to be kind, to put others first and to always be kinder than necessary and I have been wondering how to encourage them to always be kind.

Show them - I hope by always demonstrating kindness when I can that they are learning by example.
Recognise their kindness - Give them praise when they are kind
Encourage them - help them be kind by providing suggestions of ways they could be kind
Discuss kindness - talk about ways that you can be kind as a family and random acts of kindness

How do you encourage kindness in your children? 

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