Friday, 4 July 2014

3 ways to save money on a family day out

We love going out for the day and we have got packing for our day out down to a fine art.  So these are the three ways that I save money on a family day out:

Pack a picnic:

It doesn't have to be a lot, but taking food makes such a difference to us and our budget.  It doesn't have to be sandwiches.  We often take pie or quiche with new potatoes or even hot dogs (in a flask) and buns.

Take a flask:

Even a couple of teas and two drinks for the boys can really add up, so we have a number of flasks that we can take out with us depending on how long we are out for.  I fill them with water and op teabags,sweetener, coffee, hot chocolate and milk in to cover all options.

Look for voucher deals and pay in advance

If you know where you are going, make sure you look online for money off deals such as kids go free or two for one. Even if you can not find any most attractions offer money off if you pay for your entrance online in advance.

I would love to know how you save money on family days out?


  1. We always take a picnic these days otherwise buying food can add on a big chunk of money. Everything is so expensive these days :(

  2. My kids love their lunch bags (still a novelty as they haven't started school and therefore packed lunches yet), so we often take a lunch out. I love the idea of using my flask for more than just cup-a-soup, hot choc or coffee though ... Hot dogs!!!


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