Tuesday, 1 July 2014

10 Ways to save money on holiday

Holidays can be expensive if you let them.  However, there are ways to make them easier on the pocket and ways to save money whilst on holiday without making everyone miserable.

Saving money before you go on holiday

Shop the sales

If you know that you are going on holiday at a certain time of the year, then make sure you buy sun cream, sunglasses and shorts etc in the sales the previous year.  Suncream has a shelf life of over 12 months if it is unopened.

Travel Midweek

If possible travel midweek, flights and travel are much cheaper midweek than at the weekend when everyone else is travelling.

Book in advance

Book your train fare, air travel, transfers, airport parking or car hire in advance.  You will save the most this way.  

Compare prices

Make sure you compare the cost of things such as insurance, train fare, air fare etc  It pays to use price comparison sites.

Get cashback on your holiday.

Quidco are a real  favorite of mine as they allow you to claim cashback on your everyday spending such as utilities and insurance. Now they’ve taken it a step further, with all the top travel brands on board.  After you click through from Quidco to the travel agent and book your holiday, Quidco receive commission from them and pay it straight into your bank account.

Saving money whilst on holiday

Pack a picnic

Eating out all the time can really add up.  So one of the main ways that we save money on holiday.  I always take out picnic set with us and we pack a picnic, so that we can enjoy a reasonable lunch.

Take a flask

We take that picnicking one step further and take a flask, which we fill with hot water.  We always take tea bags, coffee and hot chocolate, so that all of us can enjoy a hot drink when we are out.  We have quite a few flasks and will take one that fits in the backpack and caters for all of us when we are out and about, but we also fill a large one and leave it in the car to top up the small one.  

Go Self Catering

We recently went to a caravan park for half term at short notice and we didn't have any money set aside for it, so the only way we could afford to go was to self cater.  We went to the supermarket on our way and used our menu plan, so food didn't cost any more than it would at home.

Use a prepaid credit card

After a trip to America last year, I am a huge fan of prepaid cards.  Even more when they don't charge for currency exchanges.  Not only are you safe in the knowledge that you are only spending what you have, but also that you are not going to be hot with a charge for using a foreign currency.

Be mobile phone savvy

When we were in the US I made sure that I had Data roaming turned off, so that I didn't have any unexpected bills.  I made sure that I used free wifi spots for any internet stuff I needed and for uploading images to facebook and instagram. If you know you are going to be using your phone abroad, then ring your provider before you go and arrange a suitable package.  You will save a LOT of money. 

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