Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pre loved clothes - a great money saver

I am a huge fan of pre loved or second hand clothes for children and babies.  I have passed on all of the boys clothes to family and friends and wish that we had friends with older and bigger children so I could have hand me downs! 

I was recently introduced to Baby Bonbon, who are trying to make a business of selling pre loved  lightly worn baby clothes and accessories.  This is what they say about themselves: 
"Our vision is to help parents be able to afford the quality label clothes you simply can't resist at a fraction of the cost using the concept of pre-loving. All our items are second hand - we only sell items that we feel are in good condition - and will bring you all the joy of an unbearably cute designer outfit at a remarkably affordable price"
They are also going to be running events down South too.

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