Monday, 19 May 2014

Warm weather money saving tip or ban the icecream van

I have long since learned that the ice cream van is no friend for my money saving needs.

So we have a rule here that we do not visit the ice cream van.

Instead I have a freezer full of ice lollies, ice cream and ice pops, which I buy.

However, this didn't stop the boys wanted to visit the ice cream van like their peers, so we decided to teach them the value of their pocket money and show them just how far it goes with the ice cream van and how far it goes with mummy's freezer.

It was a fantastic exercise.  They realised that they only got 2 icecreams from the van from their £2 per week, where I bought 9 cones for £2 from Lidl.

They also realised that Ice Pops are much more frugal too and also that making our own can be fun and thrifty at the same time.

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