Friday, 30 May 2014

I love the beach by Maxi

We have been talking a lot this week about our favorite way to spend the day together as a family.  This is Maxi's (aged 9) and is also an entry  to the MAD Blog Awards Kid Blog of the Year, in collaboration with Vita Coco Kids.  naturally fruit-flavoured coconut water.

My FAVOURITE way to spend a sunny day outside is… to go to the beach with my friends and the puppy.
You can walk to the beach from my house to the woods and it is a great day out.
We would play games on the beach, when the tide is out the hard sand is perfect for a game of cricket and for playing footballs.

We would all build the biggest sandcastle possible and hope the puppy did not knock it down and take turns to bury each other in the sand. 
 Then we would splash around in the water in wet suits so we do not get to cold. 
 Once we have warmed up and dried off, we would then go to the arcade on the pier and play on the two pence falls and air hockey before having fish and chips followed by an ice-cream.

We would then go to the valley gardens and play in the park on the zip wire and in the beck. 
We would then walk along the pier and look at the World Cup yarn bombing that the ninja knitters have made.  It is so cool, they did the same for the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics. 
It is not as much fun to walk back home through the woods as it is all uphill, so Mum would make sure that the car was already waiting for us to take us home. 
I always collect stones when we go to the beach and this summer I am hoping that mum lets me and my brother take surfing lessons.


  1. How lovely, I didn't know the 'ninja knitters' had struck again, I'll have to go have a look tomorrow! It's great Maxi loves going to the beach, I love the beach too, especially that one!

  2. Sounds like a great day out - good luck!


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