Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bureau Upcycle

When the boys were smaller they had their art table in the nook in the kitchen and I blogged at the kitchen table.  Well the times they are a changing.  They can no longer fir their knees under that small table from Ikea and now they are at school we need a multipurpose space that will suit all of us.

I have been looking on eBay for a long time for the perfect cabinet to replace the table.  It really need to have a small footprint as it leads to the garage and also our kitchen cupboard..

Then last year I spotted this fab bureau and knew that it would be perfect and it cost less than £35 (including the fuel to collect it).

We have been using it in its place in the kitchen for the last six months or so.  For the boys to do their homework on whilst I am cooking or for me to pop the iPad and laptop on.

It also holds our pens and pencils and plain paper so that when ever creativity grabs us we can create there and then.  I often find that inspiration for blog posts grab me when I never have a pen and pencil or am sat at my desk, so I love having an "organisation station", which is what the bureau has become. It holds post it notes, paper, scissors, chalk, paper, notebooks, stamps and so much more.  Even better everyone knows where it is.

But.......................  my kitchen doesn't have the best natural light and even though we have painted all the walls white the dark wood was really dragging that corner down, so I decided to paint it.

Initially I picked Anne Sloan Chalk Paint in Arles and got one coat on and hated it.  It was not light, bright or yellow enough.  So I went and picked up a tin of English Yellow and now it makes my heart sing.

This is an entry in to Love Chic Livings Bloggers Desk Landscape competition


  1. I'm on the hunt for one too - still not sure where it would go but it doesn't take up much space. Great makeover, definitely prefer the after to the dark wood :)

  2. Oh good job, Jen! I need to get on this chalk paint bandwagon - everyone seems to be at it!


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