Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Ten fast ways to save on your energy costs and one way to heat your home more efficiently

After our mortgage and council tax our home heating and fuel costs are the next largest outgoing.  So it makes sense to me to try and reduce this spend as much as I can.    

In the UK over 1.6 million children live in fuel poverty ( where families spend more than 10% of their income on fuel).  When you are spending this much of your income or any amount of your income on heating your home it pays to think smart and Evohome is the smarter way to control your home heating.

Evohome works by splitting your home into zones and giving you the control over each of those zones.  For example if you work from home and have a home office you could have that as one zone and only heat that during the day rather than your whole house.

This video explains it really well:


As a work from home mum it would make real sense for me to zone my home in to Kitchen, living areas, boys rooms, my bedroom and my office.  The boys goes to bed at 8pm so their rooms would only need heating for an hour between 7.30 and 8.30 and again in the morning, where as we go to our room later so it would make sense not to heat that till later.

I love the idea of just heating area's when you are in them.  We tend to congregate together rather than use different areas, so I love that we could be more efficient in heating our home.

Even better we could control our heating remotely - how clever is that! 

Want to find out more, then visit the Evohome website and take a look at the system planning tool, which will give you an indication of what Evohome kit you will need for your particular home and requirements.

We have been working at ways of reducing our bills at home by implementing the following:

  1. Using a slow cooker
  2. Only boiling as much water as we need in the kettle
  3. Using low wattage and LED bulbs
  4. Wearing slippers and dressing gowns
  5. Lining our curtains
  6. Hanging curtains at external doors
  7. Using draft excluders
  8. Not leaving lights on
  9. Not leaving electrical equipment on standby
  10. Not leaving chargers plugged in

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