Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Growing your own vegetables with kids

We have been growing our own vegetables with the boys for the last six years.  In fact this Easter weekend MadDad had to replace some of the boards on the raised beds he made over six years ago.

We have a standard back garden, but we have made room in it to have three raised beds and two oak barrels.  We also have various pots and planters which we grow in too.

I am going to share with you our secrets, hints and tips over the coming months.

What we are growing this year:

Bed one - New potatoes (planted this weekend)
Bed two - Carrots, beans (to be planted)
Bed three - cauliflowers and cabbage (to be planted)
oak barrels - peas (to be planted)
planters - lettuce and shallots (planted) tomatoes (to be planted)
Hanging baskets - Strawberries (to be planted)

MadDad is also going to build a new bed and relocate the compost basket.

Do you grow with your kids?


  1. Ooh! Er, beetroot, courgette, sprouting broccoli, kale, spring onions and a rather splendiferous pumpkin were our big successes this year, with slightly less success in the spinach/ peas/ cabbage area. Raspberries are good, strawberries kind of meh, but the best thing EVAH is an unwanted spiky weedy bramble that I spent four years fighting, then gave up trying and ended up with unlimited blackberries.

    1. Last year we had spinach and sprouts coming out of our ears. No Kale this year. We don't have room for any other fruits, but one day when the boys no longer trash the space with balls then maybe!


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