Thursday, 20 March 2014

Can MobiData save you money?

Spring is coming and as a mum of two active boys, this means that after school and weekends will be spent outside making the most of the sunshine.

One of the ways that I can do this and still make sure that I am on top of any work is my Mobile Sim.

I love my mobile sim and have had one for coming up 3 years.  It means that I no longer have to seek out coffee shops for free wifi or even worry about exceeding my data usage on my phone.

If you are considering a mobile SIM, then MobiData is the ultra-low cost mobile broadband service with no long term contracts or complicated pricing plans offering instant access to the largest, lowest cost, continuously speedy and truly mobile broadband network in the world.  This powerhouse of a mobile broadband service offers secure access to a 3G+ network - keeping you online at home, at work, and most importantly all of the places in-between.

MobiData is available on 1GB, 5GB or 10GB mobile broadband packages, from £4.94/month, on 1 or 3 month rolling contracts - and all packages can be cancelled at any time.

One of the things that that held me back with mobile data was not knowing how much I needed.

So here are some ideas of how much you would need from MobiData  

1GB – 600 emails, 100 social posts, 2 hours of Skype, downloading 40 songs and 10 hours of YouTube, which would cost £4.94/mth
5GB – 3000 emails, 500 social posts, 10 hours of Skype, downloading 200 songs and 50 hours of YouTube which would be £14.94/mth
10GB - 6000 emails, 1000 social posts, 20 hours of Skype, downloading 400 songs and 100 hours of YouTube, which would cost £19.79/mth.

What I love is that I can use the MobiData sim in my mobile wireless mobile, which means I can connect up to five devices to it, so both the boys can have wifi on their Ipods, I can connect my Ipad and also the laptop of kindle too.

All customers taking out a three month data plan before 31st March 2014 will have their data doubled, at no extra cost.

Twice the Data – Same Low Price
1GB gets you 2GB
5GB gets you 10GB
10GB gets you 20GB

…all for EXACTLY the same price as their 1 Month Plans*

* After initial 3 Month Contract Period, contract reverts to 1 Month Rolling Contract.

Perfect for a family of geeks.

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