Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Win a romantic trip to Paris with P&O #FerryBigLove

It can not have passed you by that Valentines Day is nearly upon us and  @POFerries are looking for you to tweet them your love story with the hashtag FerryBigLove to be in the chance to win a trip to Paris.  

How does it work?

Tell @POFerries on Twitter who you’ve got #FerryBigLove for and why. The more examples you share, the more chances you have to win. They will choose one special #FerryBigLove tweet to win the trip to Paris. Where they will photograph the couple’s journey and create a beautiful film.
And don’t worry if you haven’t got a Twitter account; just click on the ‘TWEET YOUR LOVE STORY NOW’ button and sign up today.

  1. Tweet @POferries telling them who you’ve got #FerryBigLove for and why.
  2. Don’t forget to use #FerryBigLove in your post.
  3. Share the tweet with your loved one too.
  4. They will choose and contact the Paris trip winner on 7th February, for them to be whisked away on the 14th February.
  5. Keep an eye on Twitter, as they will be giving away romantic gifts all the way up to Valentine's Day.
  6. Ferry good luck!
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