Friday, 7 February 2014

5 Great activities for learning to tell the time

Both my boys can now tell the time, it was one of the best things we taught them.  It meant that we could tell them to wait a certain amount of time and they understood and also to return at a certain time and they did!


This is a fab BBC Bitesized program and both the boys have loved this.  It has three levels, so they can develop their skills. 

A Watch

A tell the time watch really helped both the boys.  There is something about the act of wearing a watch that really encouraged them to learn faster.  The Watch Hut has some great childrens watches that are perfect for telling the time


This is another BBC game and again has three levels to choose from. To practise o'clock times only, choose level 1. If you want to test your knowledge of 15 minute intervals on the clock, choose level 2. At level 3 you will be tested on times including 5 minute intervals.

Orchard Toys Tell the time

Over and over again I have sung the praises of Orchard Toys and this game played a big part in the boys learning process.   Say the time aloud and try to make a match on your playing boards.  They are learning without even realising it.  

Paper Plate Clock

We had so much fun making our own clocks.  We spent time discussing them and time whilst making them and they really helped the boys grasp an understanding of quarter past and quarter to.  


  1. Great ideas! I'm teaching my four year old to tell the time, and have bought a small clock face stamper so that I can make flash cards, I'll definitely have a go at the paper plate clocks, and have just been to check out the "tell the time" games on BBC Schools.

  2. Great idea we're just doing this with my son.


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