Monday, 20 January 2014

Week 3 decluttering tasks

I have been trying to keep up the momentum with the decluttering tasks, but have to admit that I have slowed down somewhat.

This week I am moving down to the kitchen and I am going to work my way through all the cupboards and drawers! 

Food - take an inventory of what is in your store cupboards.  Make sure you check the dates and if you think anything is past its best then throw it away.  Is there things that you will not eat?  Then gift them to a local food bank or friend.

Freezer - Again time to defrost the freezer, removing everything to a freezer bag making an inventory as you go.

Do you have a junk drawer or cupboard?  I have both.  The understairs cupboard needs a good sort through and clean as does a couple of the kitchen drawers.

How many mugs does one family need?  This is what I am going to have to ask myself when I sort though the kitchen units!

The same goes for tea towels and I am also going to clear out the unit under the sink too!

How is your decluttering going?

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  1. My whole house looks like a junk cupboard at the moment. We still haven't unpacked properly since we moved in, in October. Oh dear - Thanks for inspiring some Spring cleaning.


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