Thursday, 30 January 2014

Ways to save on your energy spend

We have been really lucky this winter and it has been wet and mild in the UK, but apparently there is a cold snap on the way.  So here are some great tips on saving money on your energy spend

  1. Make sure you close your curtains when it gets dark and open them during the day.  This shuts out the clod and let the warm in.
  2. Use draft excluders, we have a range from stuffed fabric ones to ones that we have stuck on door frames and even screw on ones on the external back door.
  3. Use a curtain at external doors.  We have one on our front door and also one on the door from the garage. 
  4. Turn off lights in empty rooms.
  5. Do not leave items on standby
  6. Unplug or turn off chargers at the wall when not in use (they still pull power even when not charging)
  7. Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree.  This will give you an annual saving of over £50
  8. Wear more layers.  We have got in to the habit of wearing dressing gowns and slippers
  9. Use throws - we all snuggle up under throws on the sofa when we are sitting
  10. Hot water bottles are great for warming beds.
  11. Install active heating such as Hive, this can save you up to £150 a year. The current installation cost is £199 so you could save this cost and more in just over a year.

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