Monday, 13 January 2014

This weeks decluttering plans

I have still be busy decluttering and even managed to get MadDad to sort through his clothes at the weekend!

This weeks plans are as follows:

  1. Linen Cupboard - Sort though the linens and make sure they are sorted in to bed.  Donate or sell any surplus sets.
  2. Bathroom - Clear any drawers or storage in the bathroom.  Make a list of what products you have, so that you do not over stock.
  3. Children's bedrooms - Sort through drawers removing items for your throw away, giveaway and sell box.
  4. Children's bedrooms - Sort under their beds.
  5. Children's bedrooms - Wardrobe sort out 

If you have older children then it is important that you involve them in this, so that they can ensure they keep their rooms in a clean state.  I always agree with my boys that anything I sell from their rooms that they can have that spent on them.

Emotionally decluttering 

For me removing excess items from the home is all part of a larger exercise.  When I am upset, scared or unwell I accumulate "stuff".  A lot of what I am removing from our home is things that I brought in after my mum died and I am learning that if I remove this clutter that not only does it make the house easier to look after, but there is a side effect of clearing my mind too.  

I am slowly emotionally decluttering.  leaving room in my mind and home for the beautiful and useful things.  

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