Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Saving with a purpose

I always find that saving with a goal in mind is really empowering.  We started saving for our own home before we got married and then made the decision to relocate to Berkshire from N Yorkshire and had to save a LOT more for that initial deposit, which is why I think this infogram is great as it gives you an idea of house prices throughout the UK.

Buying your dream home - find out what you can get for your money

We all know property prices can vary significantly, but do you know the average house price of each region in the country, or the most expensive region vs the least expensive? Find out the average house price in your region and share this with your friends, so they too can find out what they can afford with their budget.
Buying your dream home - what can you get for your money infographic


  1. amazing to see what its like price wise in other places I live in the south east so It's a lot more to save for than up north.

  2. Wow, the difference is amazing. I'm in the second most expensive city for detached houses - better start saving ;)


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