Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My first income from decluttering

Yippe, a side effect of all this decluttering has been that I have been able to add a few of the quality items I no longer want or need on to ebay and I have my first income from all the effort I am putting in to decluttering.

I have made £28 from selling three pairs of shoes.

I have also made £40 from selling some of my fabric stash

£40 from selling my books on (this is not a sponsored post)!

So I have made £108 in the first week of January just from making our home a better place to live in.

It certainly makes all the time spent decluutering worthwhile and has spurred me on to keep going.


  1. Hi, I am really enjoying you blog. I decided this year to do a lot of de cluttering. Well I started last year when my partner moved in. We also did a lot of clearing up outside of stuff thats lain around for years. My partner also brought things with him he decided to sell. So far by selling everything we are decluttering we have made just over £2000 which we have used to do fixes and improvements needed around the house and we still have things to sell! its well worth clearing attics, sheds and cupboards :) ps. really enjoy your blog

  2. I am due a sort out, I've got a couple of old designer items I wish to sell to fund new season purchases. I have added you to my blogroll and really enjoy your posts.


  3. I personally love Bivver online auctions . Had quite a few sales there , and
    bought also some stuff , after ebay limited my selling privileges being a top
    rated seller ... go figure . Anyways check it out


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