Saturday, 4 January 2014

Declutter with A Thrifty Mum

So after my admission that I am something of a hoarder.  I have been putting a decluttering task a day on A Thrifty Mum Facebook page.  

This week I have decluttered the following:

  1. My sock and underwear drawer
  2. My shoes (which was hard as I have never thrown a pair of shoes away in my adult life)
  3. My bedside cabinet.

I have been ruthless and have binned things that are no longer of use, recycled, donated and also listed some items on ebay.  

Tomorrow I am going to post a list of other tasks one for each day of next week.  I figure Sunday is a day of rest, plus it is the last day before the boys go back to school, so I want to spend it doing family stuff.

Decluttering Tips

My tips for decluttering are really simple.  Focus on one area at a time.  Make sure you are not just moving things, but to actually make sure you have a place for them or put them in your recycle, donate or sell boxes.

Who is up for joining me? 

1 comment:

  1. ME. I'll join you. I'll go and do my underwear drawer in a minute, shoes are already done, and my bedside table definitely needs doing!


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