Thursday, 31 October 2013

Free Turbo Colouring Sheets

I have just been to cineworld with the boys and two of their friends to see Turbo, which we all loved.  So I thought I would share with you these fab free Turbo colouring sheets.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Help World Vision turn halloween in to a Night of Hope

This Halloween, World Vision are asking people to turn the 31st of October in to a Night of Hope.  For many children around the world there are real things to be afraid of and World Vision is fighting to make the world a safer place for young people vulnerable to child marriage, malnutrition, dirty water and more.

They are asking people to take part their charity campaign, “Every Child Free from Fear”, by carving a heart into a pumpkin. Everyone who downloads their pumpkin carving guide can enter a prize draw to win a cookery class with celebrity chef, Lesley Waters.

How to get involved
1. Download a pumpkin PDF guide to enter the prize draw
2. Carve a heart in a pumpkin
3. Send them a picture via facebook or twitter 
5. See if you win a cookery class with Lesley Waters!

We haven't yet carved our pumpkins, but I love the one that Molly at Mothers Always Right did in support of the campaign.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My clubcard Boost wishlist

Clubcard boost is back and it is better than ever.  For every 5 of clubcard vouchers you get £10 of boost vouchers.  So when Tesco asked me to put together a wishlist I was delighted to.

Canon EOS 600D SLR Bundle Kit with 18-55mm lens + Desktop Tripod + SLR Case + Spare Battery  OK know that this is expensive at £529, but what a bargain if you use clubcard boost as it will be £265!  I would KILL for this kit.

Sticking with cameras, how cool is this Fujifilm Instax Mini, Blue & White, 1.5MP, 1.5 inch LCD Screen.  I know that my boys would have so much fun using this.  I still remember using an instant camera and being amazed as a child.  Less than £35 with clubcard boost.

With Christmas coming I know that Mini would love this Bontempi GT740 40 Midi Keys Toy Keyboard.  This is less than £25 with clubcard boost making it superb value.

This LEGO City Fire Station 60004 would be a big hit with either boy and would last forever.  LEGO is always such a good purchase and Clubcard Boost makes it even better.

I don't know what my boys do with their furniture, but both of them have demolished their bedside cabinets, so I love this Thornton 2 Drawer Bedside Cabinet, Oak Effect, which becomes really reasonable at £25 instead of £50.

So this is my wish list.  What would be on yours? 

Monday, 28 October 2013

No spend rainy day activities

rainy days can sometimes be the bain of our lives over the summer, especially if you have something planned and can not do it.

Don't despair, think of it as time you can spend with your children having fun as a family with things you already have in the house.

  1. Build an indoor den.  Get out the blankets, quilts and towels and turn the table into a den, put all the cushions and pillows in the house on the floor and pile in.  I have such fond memories of turning the clothes airer into a den as a child.  
  2. Have a board games tournament.  What better than getting out lots of games and having a league table and keeping scores.
  3. Get the colouring pens out and have family colouring time.  We have some great how to draw books, bit we all have much more fun when we colour and draw together.
  4. Gluing and sticking is great fun for children of all ages.  We love making meals on paper plates, but you could make masks, decoupage (using magazines) or do some paper mache.   My children love junk modeling using things we have in the recycling box.
  5. Most people have scraps of wool in the house, so why not make some pom poms.  

Friday, 25 October 2013

Top 5 stupid things we do when we're home alone

Anyone who grew up with the Home Alone films knows the joys that can come from having an empty house to yourself. We've all done some pretty stupid things when no one's watching, but here are our favourite silly activities for when we're safe behind closed doors.

Pig out and watch movies

We might not be able to nab a fancy Plaza hotel suite, but scenes of Kevin talking along to an old movie and munching on junk food just have to be recreated! While this can also be a group activity, it's so much better when there’s no one to judge you for grabbing that fifth donut.

Dance around Risky Business-style

Karaoke might fill us with fear but give us an empty house and we'll happily go to town on the tunes. While the shades and white shirt are optional, we'll definitely be sliding along wooden floors and singing into a hairbrush.

Do your chores with nothing on

Be honest, we've all tried this at some point. Whether it’s laundry or the vacuuming, chores are just more enjoyable when you don't have to bother with clothes. Embrace the lack of prying eyes and ditch the stitches, sticking with must-have Ugg boots for ultimate comfort. Just be careful when you’re cooking dinner!

The Bridget Jones montage

It’s raining cats and dogs outside, you’re feeling a little sad and lonely, so what do you do? Make like the ultimate single lady by pouring yourself a glass of wine, donning your best ugly cry face and belting out 'All By Myself' at the top of your lungs. This one’s particularly effective on Valentine's Day.

Sled down the stairs

When it snows in Britain there’s barely a minute to grab your sledge before everything is grey and mushy. Fortunately with a bit of prep you can sled down the stairs all year round! Put on some padded gear, place your duvet or several big cushions all the way down the steps, and get sliding. You might be a little red faced if you get caught in the act, but the rush is totally worth it.

Who came out on top at Women in Business Awards and how can you do the same?

The Women in Business Awards have been and gone, highlighting some of the strongest and leading women in business today.

As such, looking through the list of winners can highlight many business lessons, which will help you achieve the same success in your own company. A good leader knows when to follow another's example and these winners have experienced much success so far, offering some ideal strategies to take into consideration.

The event saw many awards given for both companies and individuals across business. Some of the nominees specifically highlight individuals worth observing.

Rising Star Of The Year

One of the most prestigious prizes in the event, the title of “Rising Star of the Year” title was picked up by Anne Carter after going from strength to strength, leaving only increased growth and profits in her wake.

The lessons learned here are simple but effective. Ms Carter focuses on profitability – encouraging a direct focus on making a profit. Yet this also includes overall growth, from customers to productivity. It's an all-round approach that ensures any business strategy does not become one-sided, staying stable for the future.

International Achievement

Another title that is likely to draw attention, Anne Carter also won the title of “International Achievement Award” with emphasis given to her role as director of RAP International Limited.

She was highlighted for improving imports and exports, taking business to new markets and now being afraid to push developments. This in turn resulted in a growing customer base with many happy clients overseas. It's not just about who's on your doorstep – if your product has the potential you should put it out for availability.

RAP offers an electronic Permit to Work system which helps when maintenance activities are needed on a client’s site. It has issued over five million of these permits since 1995. When Ms Carter started it was in 15 countries – it is now in 29.

One could use this opportunity to argue the direct need for technology and digital platforms – the exponential use of which has likely helped RAP’s success. Even little touches, such as utilising small business accouting software, can make a different. As Ms Carter shows, striving for productivity is essential and even the smallest improvement can free up time to dedicate to this goal.

Innovation in Business

This year saw Natalie Reynolds – of That Useful Company Ltd – win the “Innovation in Business” awards.
As it suggests, this award praises the introduction of new practices that result in positive growth or diversification. One can easily apply this philosophy to various business tools, from software to outsourced services, which can directly improve a company once you get over the initial fear.

Ms Reynolds formed the umbrella company in 2012, combining professionals to work on marketing projects and contracts. The innovative approach allowed for co-operation whilst retaining each specialist’s unique expertises – an approach not seen in many businesses that prefer to label all staff together under imposing contracts. Letting specialists do their roles this way gets the most out of them, as That Useful Company has gone on to offer high quality services in web design, graphic design and even marketing. Free thinking is not to be discouraged.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Our Dream Garden

A garden fir for boys

If we had a wish for our garden,
It would be for it to be suitable come rain or shine,
to keep both boys active,
without the need for the day to be fine.

If we had a wish for our garden,
an InTerra  trampoline would be ace,
how much fun could be had,
to it we would all race.

If we had a wish for our garden,
we would love a multi functional swing,
Perhaps even an outdoor punchbag,
and we would sing as we swing!

If we had a wish for our garden,
a place for ball play would be on it
Football, basketball.
All sorts of balls to keep the boys fit

If we had a wish for our garden,
It would be one that our family could relish,
one that truly was an outdoor room,
a place we could truly cherish.

“This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition”

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

October Draw with me

Mini is joining in with This Mummy Loves draw with me with his bat cat creation!

Sometimes the most simple paintings are the scariest!

This Mummy Loves...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Win A Cineworld Family Ticket

It is half term for us next week and we will be off to our local Cineworld to See Turbo thanks to a complimentary family ticket. 

We were blown away at how much effort Cineworld had put into making cinema going better value for families the last time we went.  

In addition to Turbo and Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2Cineworld are also running their popular Movies For Juniors screenings throughout half term. They are showing ‘The Smurfs 2’ every morning and tickets for kids and their folks will be just £1.50 (or £1 if people book online with mycineworld).

To win a family ticket (4 x tickets) to any film at your local Cineworld just complete the rafflecopter below – Good Luck x a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, 21 October 2013

Get a Free Funky Pigeon card – worth £2.99 for 60p (P&P)

Tomorrow at 9am are releasing an amazing ‘super coupon’.

They aregiving away 15,000 Funky Pigeon cards – worth £2.99. The only thing that people will have to pay for is the Standard 1st class delivery, which is 60p. To claim the free card, just head to the voucher on this page: and sign up to get the offer on their site. 

You will then be emailed a unique code which you can then use when you click through to 

The offer is available from 9am on 22nd October and is available until 27th October or until all 15,000 codes are redeemed.

Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds, a Phonics Games Flashcards

My boys loved Julia Donaldson and currently Oxford Reading Tree Songbirds, a Phonics Games Flashcards set with illustrations by Julia Donaldson is on offer at Amazon for £3.87, reduced from £7.00. 


This Phonics Games Flashcard pack has been carefully written to help children practise their letters and sounds at home. Play with these cards to build an awareness of rhyme and to practise spelling and making sentences, all whilst having fun! Games include two levels to help children build confidence and they also include 'get up and go' versions for children who find it hard to sit still for reading practice! 

Both levels are currently on offer at £3.87 instead of £7.00

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links

Friday, 18 October 2013

Free leaf printables

Living in the north east of England more often than not the lovely autumn leaves are wet, slimy and not very good for collecting and crafting with.

However, not one to let that spoil our fun, I have found you  free leaf printables, so you can use these instead!

  1. Leaf coloring sheets and printables from Kinderart
  2. Leaf template printables from
  3. Leaves activities pack from 3 DInosaurs 
  4. Free fall leaves printables from Home school giveaways 
  5. Autumn colouring leaves from She Knows 
  6. Leaf template print out from Enchanted Learning
  7. Leaf resources from Twinkl
  8. Fall leaves wreath printable from Kiki and Company
  9. Leaf patterns from I heart crafty things
  10. Autumn Leaves printable memory game from Mr Printables
  11. Autumn colour by number printable from Willowday
  12. Leaf colouring pages from  Colouring pages for kids

Thursday, 17 October 2013

B&Q free kids' DIY classes

59 B&Q stores are offering hour classes in basic DIY skills to make a small project, such as: 
  • Hanging bird feeder
  • 'Santa stop here' sign
  • Hedgehog house
  • Toy boat
  • Halloween treat tub

They aim to help children aged 7-11 learn basic DIY skills through small projects such as building bird feeders and making picture frames. They usually cost £5 a session, but members of the free B&Q Club get them free.

Book your class: To see the available classes, go via this Kids Can Do It link, enter your postcode and click 'book' on the store and month you'd like. It'll then show you all the slots available and what your little 'uns will be building.
It says the classes cost £5, but telephone 0845 600 5428 and quote the store, class and your B&Q membership number and it's free.
The classes take place at 59 B&Q stores and there's no limit to the number you can book. Places are currently available until November.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Free IKEA family fun event at Bridges Shopping Centre on Saturday

IKEA Gateshead are hosting a free IKEA family fun pop-up at the Bridges Shopping Centre on Saturday 19th October.

The event is a pop in one and open from 9am - 5.30pm and the first 100 children at the IKEA family fun activity stand will receive a free soft toy voucher to redeem in-store,

There will be a host of craft activities including tin-can robot building and seed planting.  Or perhaps you can try giggle yoga.

We would be going, but have two birthday parties to go to on Saturday!

Monday, 14 October 2013

A Mindful Christmas

One of the things that is important to me if that we do not overspend at christmas.  I want my children to grow up understanding the significance of christmas and the joy of spending time with family rather than for all the gifts.  I want them to know that I love them all year round and I do not feel the need to show it with a pile of things that we have bought.

I have blogged before that we have a rule for Christmas lists and even now in October they are busy thinking about what to put on it.  Rather than write a long list, they are being really mindful as their lists can only have four things on :

This year we are making another rule.  We are also going to make at least one christmas present for the people we love.  I have already started on a quilt for my niece and I will be sharing with you some inexpensive and easy to make gift ideas over the coming weeks.

One of the main ways that we have a mindful christmas is by celebrating advent and doing something everyday over the advent period.

A Homemade Christmas

This post is an entry in to the Dotcomgiftshop Christmas Competition.  They have some great advent pegs, which would make a great advent activity calendar.

Tassimo T4 machine for £45 (save over £60)

As part of the Tassimo bloggers team they inform me of offers etc before they go to press and this one is far too good not to share.  In fact I have just ordered one fro my MIL and SIL for Christmas.  

You can pick up this fab T4 machine for £45 plus postage.  On Amazon you can purchase them new for just over £100 +p&p

Friday, 11 October 2013

Explaining the dangers of Smoking to Children

I used to smoke.  I stopped the minute I found out I was expecting Maxi nine years ago.  But I do know how hard if can be to stop smoking. I  do not want to judge people who smoke, but Maxi has a chest condition and it is important that he is not exposed to cigarette smoke and also that he understands the dangers of smoking. 

My Mum also smoked in fact she died of smoking related complications and it was horrible.  Both my mother in law and father in law smoke, but have really cut down.  

This makes discussing smoking and its dangers a double edged sword as I do not want to make the boys too frightened for the lives of their remaining grandparents.

First of I talked about how when Nana, Grandad and Grandma started smoking we didn't know that it was dangerous and that it is very addictive, which is why people find it so hard to stop.

We discussed the fact that if they want to keep up with their sports how smoking can affect the lungs and make it hard to breath.

I want the boys to know that it is OK to ask questions about smoking, but it is NOT OK to smoke.

For me a big part of this discussion has been talking to the boys about peer pressure and knowing that it is OK to be different to other children and to feel that they are strong enough to make their own decisions and to stand by them.  

I also want the boys to understand that it is much harder to look at quitting smoking than it is to not start in the first place.

I have looked on the web and can not find information about discussing smoking with younger children and I really do not want to show then images of lungs etc, but I do want them to understand the dangers and to not have to have this conversation once they have tried smoking.  I think for me it is much better to discuss it now and head it off at the pass, rather than try and stop then if they ever start.

What would you do? 

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ways to save water and money

I am always looking at ways to save money and we are on a water meter so we pay for the water we use. So I am all for looking at ways to save water and being water efficient is not only good for the environment, but also for our budget.

  1. Install water butts to water plants and vegetables in the garden.  You can also use the rain water to wash your car or even clean your windows.
  2. Fill a jug with tap water and place this in your fridge. This will mean you do not have to leave the cold tap running for the water to run cold before you fill your glass.
  3. Only use the washer when you have a full load
  4. Make sure you fill up the dishwasher before using it and use it on an eco cycle.  Many dishwashers are more economical than washing up by hand.
  5. Turn the taps off when brushing your teeth and encourage your children to do the same
  6. Share baths or take showers
  7. Fix a dripping tap. A dripping tap can waste 15 litres of water a day, or 5,500 litres of water a year
  8. Water plants with a watering can rather than a hosepipe and water in the morning or late afternoon when it will evaporate less
  9. Install water efficient toilets or get a devise from your water board that you can put in your cistern to reduce water usage
  10. When running a bath, plug the bathtub before turning on the water. Adjust the temperature as the tub fills

Why not take a look at this water calculator and see just what savings you and your family could make.

What ways do you save water?

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

10 Free things to do in Autumn or Fall with your children

I adore Autumn.  The changing colours, the  crisp weather and the golden sunlight.   Something about this time of year makes me want to get out with my children and make the most before the weather changes to our dire UK winters.

So I am sharing with you my favorite free things to do with kids this Autumn.

  1. Go jumping in piles of leaves.  Crisp dry leaves are best. Whilst you are there why not collect some of the different coloured leaves that you can see to preserve at home.
  2. Go on a woodland walk and treasure hunt 
  3. Go on a bike or scooter ride.  
  4. Go to the park after school.  Take a small flask of hot chocolate so that you can all warm up.
  5. Go collecting conkers and then learn how to play conkers.  You can even create your own trophy.
  6. Make a nature display with treasure collected on your walks
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Make leaf and bark rubbings or print with leaves you have collected
  9. Make apple prints
  10. Go on a leaf hunt.
What are your favorite free activities for this season?

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Blind Safety. Take action now

We have blinds in our home.  Black out blinds in the bedroom and slatted blinds in the conservatory and living room.  Up until we recently redecorated we had child safety devices fitted for all our blinds.

My boys are now 7 and 8 and I feel that they are old enough to understand the dangers of blinds and also be responsible for closing and opening their own, so we no longer use them.

However, a new survey conducted by Apollo Blinds makes for scary reading.  It states that even though most parents are now aware that children can strangle themselves on looped blind cords in the home only a third of us have actually taken the steps to fit safety clips or make sure blinds are safe, even those fitted in children’s rooms. Moreover, only 21 per cent of parents thought homes visited regularly by their children had safe blinds.

Apollo Blinds have also come up with 5 steps to safety:

1 Do an audit in your home – are any looped window blind cords dangling untethered? Even if they’re high up, they need to be tied back – children often climb!

2 If you’re unsure, call your local Apollo store for help and advice or even a free audit. Visit  

3 Select the best type of safety device for your blinds – cord cleats can be used for romans and venetian cords, while P clips are great for vertical chains

4 Place the cleats or clips where they can secure the cords. Mark the screw holes and drill holes. Insert raw plugs into the holes then simply screw the hooks or cleats to the wall.

5 Wrap excess cord around the cleat hook or secure the chain/cord into the clip.

This post in brought to you in conjunction with Apollo Blinds

Monday, 7 October 2013

Citrus Infused Vinegar for cleaning

I love white vinegar, in fact I have written before my 15 top uses for white vinegar.  Now I do not mind the smell, but Mini hates it.  He tells me that the house smells of a fish shop!  So I started to add any citrus peel we had to my vinegar last year and it really works.

It doesn't take away the vinegar smell, but it does mask it slightly.  Do you have any great cleaning tips or domestic goddess moments?  Why not share them with @tots100 and Mr Muscle for the chance to win. 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Dine Free at Walt Disney World Offer

Are you saving up for the holiday of a lifetime?  We are off with my brother and his family to Florida in November and this is something we have been thinking about and planning for the last two years.

My boys will be seven and eight when we travel and this is going to be a once in a  lifetime family trip, but every little penny counts when you are planning a trip like this.

If you are looking to book a holiday with Disney next year, then they have a fab dining offer at the moment.

This offer is for UK families to dine for free at all Disney parks and hotels if they book their 2014 trip before November 5th (including the summer holidays)..

As part of this deal, Disney conducted some research in to family dining habits
  • 78% of parents say their children are adventurous eaters
  • 14% of children say they eat a variety of foods at home
  • 68% of parents say as a family they are more adventurous at mealtimes when on holiday compared with when they are at home

This is a great offer and could save you up to £755 per family.  

Maxi and I provide you with our top tips for Disney World Orlando over at Mum in The Mad House from our press trip with Visit Orlando earlier in the year. 

Friday, 4 October 2013

Cut your energy usage to save energy and money

Household bills can soon add up, particularly if your house is like an icebox when the temperature drops. However, there are a number of ways you could look to cut your energy usage and – at the same time – do your bit to help the environment. These tips could be well worth giving a go:

Make sure your boiler runs efficiently

Boilers are expensive to replace, but in the long-term can generate some decent annual savings. There are various kinds available, so be sure to speak to an expert to find the best option for you. If you’re not yet at the stage where it’s worth replacing yours, why not make the one you already have run more efficiently? This could be achieved by taking out boiler insurance with an annual service included and should make sure your house is kept warm all winter long.

Improve your insulation

It’s all very well cranking up the heating in your home, but if insulation isn’t as it should be it won’t keep your property toasty for as long as it should. You can insulate your home in various ways, but as heat rises it might be worth looking to seal off your roof first. The Energy Saving Trust suggests going from zero insulation to 270mm will cost approximately £300 to install, but give you annual savings of as much as £180. You can do this job yourself, but if your attic is difficult to access, suffers from damp or you have any other uncertainties it’s worth getting a professional in. You could also consider floor and wall insulation, as well as draught proofing if you’re keen to make maximum savings in a financial and energy using sense.

Think of your lighting

In spring and summer it’s easier to conserve energy in a number of ways, not least in terms of lighting, whether that’s for indoors or out. With more natural light it’s easy to throw the curtains wide and perhaps not need any artificial light until late in to the evening. But when the nights do draw in, you might still be able to make a reduction on your usual winter bills by using energy saving light bulbs. Although these might cost you a bit initially, depending on the size of your house, they last longer than older bulbs and can provide yearly savings of around £60.

Wrap up warm and turn down the thermostat

An easy change to make is to put on an extra layer when the temperatures drop. So wear a jumper around or wrap up in a blanket around the house rather than turning up the thermostat. A couple of degrees lower may not seem likely to make much difference to your bills, but give it a try and you might be surprised. If you think for any reason your central heating isn’t working as efficiently as it should be then consider calling in an expert to take a look at it. If you have boiler cover then check your policy, as you may be entitled to a free annual service.

Consider switching supplier

Don’t assume your current energy supplier is giving you the best deal. If you’ve been with one firm for a few years now then it’s well worth seeing what the competition has to offer. Alternatively, find out if you’re on the right tariff or consider switching how you pay. Sometimes costs can be cut by changing to a payment method such as monthly direct debits, so it could be worth having a conversation with your supplier. 

Encouraging Children to Save

I am a firm believer in saving is a learned skill and that as parents it is our duty to teach our children money management and how to save.

Coinstar has launched the Dust off your Pennies campaign, encouraging consumers to stop banishing their loose change to the backs of sofas and bottoms of drawers. This comes in light of a new survey that revealed just under 70% of households have loose change lying around their home that never make it to a savings jar, equating to £60 a year per household on average and a shocking accumulative £1.5 billion in the UK! 

This could prove just the incentive to get your children saving.  Why not set them the task to search your house looking for loose change!  

My top tips for encouraging children to save
  1. Set a good example - talk about saving and how you save up and plan for important purchases.
  2. Make it visual.  This is why saving pennies in a jam jar or glass bottle is so effective.  Children can see how much they are saving and it makes them want to save more.
  3. Incentive it - why not pay interest on their savings or offer bonus when they reach a certain stage.
  4. Set a goal - give them something achievable to focus on.  This will obviously vary from child to child.
  5. Take it out of their hands.  My boys only get half of their pocket money in their hands, the rest goes straight into the bank. 

I would love to know your thoughts on getting children to save and how you do it.  I believe that the more we talk about money with children the better equipped they will be to manage their money when they grow up.

My boys have both used the coinstar booths and really enjoyed watching how much their saving added up to, so I am more than happy to blog about them.

If you’ve got coins you want to change into spending money,  you can find your nearest Coinstar kiosk here,

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Laundry tips - How to keep your whites white

My boys wear white shirts and polo shirts for school and if you know anything about my boys then you know that Mini is just noise with muck on.

So I work hard at keeping my whites white and avoiding that greyish tinge that they can get.  I used to be pretty picky about what I used when the boys were smaller and you would often find a bucket of clothes soaking prior to washing in a baby friendly solution in my downstairs loo.  

I find that the key is to keep to a routine now and to not expect a miracle they are never going to be whiter than white, but they are not grey either! 

Make sure you sort effectively

One stray coloured item will render a whole wash slightly tinged! 


Pre Treat oily body marks with a bar of soap or stain remover designed for whites.  If the stain is particularly fixed use an old toothbrush to scrub it.

Add a laundry booster

I do this for the boys shirts every half term. You increase the cleaning power of a detergent by adding a booster, such as borax, oxygen bleach, or washing soda to help maintain whiteness.   I am a fan of Dr Beckmans products 

Tackle colored stains. 

Address food spills, such as coffee or juice, and underarm yellowing, which is residue from antiperspirant or deodorant, by applying undiluted liquid oxygen bleach directly to the fabric immediately before laundering.

Line Dry

You will be amazed at what effect the sun can make on stains and keeping your whites looking bright.

Martha Stewart has a really cool stain remover checklist that I keep in my laundry area.  
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