Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Why I love Poundland, especially at this time of year

I am a huge lover of Poundland.  As a thrifty Mum how can I not be?  I used to love going in with my Mum and looking for bargains and know that it is the place to look before shopping at most of the other stores.

They recently gave me £20 in vouchers and asked me to go shopping for Christmas and I was delighted with what I got.

Horrid Henry Books x 2 - £1 each Perfect for the boys friends for Christmas
Find the Meerkat book - £1 for my Where's Wally loving Maxi
Fantastic Red felt table mats x 6 - £1 each
Red felt coasters x 4 - £1 for all  four
3 cadbury selection boxed - £2 (three for two), gifts for the boys little friends
A giant candy cane - £1 for Mini's stocking
Cupcake cases x 100 - £1 for a gift
Haribo pack - £1 - perfect stocking fillers
Batteries - £1 a pack.  Why go anywhere else and they last too.
Chocolate coins x 2 -  £1 a pack for the boys Christmas Eve Bag.
Lightening Wire - £1 for a certain christmas present.

I have been unwell and in hospital for the last week and have really missed out of getting bits and pieces for the boys stockings and all my wrapping from Poundland.  They have had some great Christmas stuff in this year. I wish I could have got a couple of Christmas Elves delivery bags in my local store.

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