Monday, 16 December 2013

Portable North Pole - A personalised Video Message from Sata

Each year the boys look forward to their personalised video message from Father Christmas and The Portable North Pole.

It has become a family tradition and it is great to see the improvements that PNP have made over the years.  Initially Father Christmas never said the boys names, then only Maxi's and now he also can say Mini's too!

You can pop your child's details in and a photo of them for the basic video.  My boys are seven and eight and we are holding on to the tradition of Father Christmas for as long as possible and the joy on their faces when they see the video is just great.

This year there are more options, so both the boys video's are different and it looks as though they are just for them and they both said they were different from last years!

Now I am off to make me one and put myself on the good list!

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  1. We love PNP, and I did one for my dad too one year, pointing out how naughty he is playing with his phone and ignoring everybody!


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