Sunday, 29 December 2013

Navigating the Sales - our purchases

Do you love or loath the January Sales?

I have been pretty under the weather since returning from holiday and had a hit list of items that we needed from the sales that we had saved for.

Yes, I saved money for the sales.  I knew what we needed and this year decided to define what a bargain was.  We decided things were only bargains if we needed them.  

So what was on our list.

Clothes for Maxi Mad. 

Gap Outlet store (40% additional off sales items).  Perfect for long sleeved tops to go under summer t shirts. 
Fat face.  Great quality that lasts for both boys and gets passed on.
Mini Boden.  Maxi has a love of tartan baggies. 
John Lewis. Fab PJ's
Juicy Tots.  We love Maxomorra clothes.


A new suit for work - M&S outlet.
Work shirts
Everyday clothes from fat face

Mini Mad

Headphones - HMV 50% off


A new sewing machine - John Lewis


Wrapping for next Christmas
New Roasting tray


  1. a great way of doing it! I am using primark vouchers so that I can buy new clothes due to weight loss but getting basics that I can mix and match.

  2. I too approach the sales with caution and a list - for me it's essentials like pants and socks from M&S, trainers from Mountain Warehouse and I'll see if there are any shoes in the sale at John Lewis once I've got the kids' feet measured!


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