Monday, 4 November 2013

Transforming my Bathstore Bathroom Cabinet

I was set a challenge by Bathstore to customise one of their fab bathroom cabinets.  We chose the Savoy mirrored cabinet and decided that it was going to go in our downstairs loo.

So first things first we went to install the cabinet and decided that we needed to paint the room!  So I set MadDad to work with the paintbrush, whilst I put my thinking cap on for the customisation project.

Now the thing is this cabinet is beautiful.  Well made and finished and I contemplated painting it bright yellow, but the boys used their veto!

So I decided to get creative with my Cricut mini and I made a vinyl decal to stick on the mirror in grey saying "smile you are beautiful".

I love positive affirmations and I always tell the boys that they are beautiful on the inside and the outside, so this seemed really apt for us.

The room is so small that it is hard to get a good picture, but we love it and are really happy with our small, but significant change.


  1. Clever! I like the way the mirror gives it a shadow effect behind the writing. Gives it a lovely depth

  2. That's such a lovely quote. And such a great reminder to have on a mirror. Sometimes having these little reminders round the house really helps you change your mindset a bit. And I can't believe you made it, well done you. x

  3. Simple but effective, it looks great :-)

  4. I think your cabinet looks lovely. I have 'shabby chicced' a few items myself and it is well worth the effort to upcycle a solid item you have already for a few pounds rather than buying something cheap and mass produced that falls to bits in no time.



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