Saturday, 30 November 2013

Save money in your home - The Hallway

This week I am concentrating on ways to save money in the entrance way to your home.  We often forget this area, but it is the first place that you see and also the front line between the elements and your home.

  1. Keep heat in your home by adding a door curtain to your front door.  You can line it with a cheap fleece blanket rather than buying expensive thermal lined curtains.
  2. Use a draft excluder at the bottom of your door.
  3. Make sure your letter box has draft excluders installed.  We just changed ours at the cost of £5 and it has made a really big difference.
  4. Use all those charity bags you get through the door to line bin's throughout the house!
  5. Installed LED bulbs in your lights.  Lights in hallways are often on for longer than any other within the house.
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  1. Hi Thrifty Mum. I have one more suggestion, if you have a keyhole leave the key in to stop the draft or if you can fit a key flap.

    1. Don't leave the key in - the burglars can hook it from the letterbox and pinch it!

    2. Mmm Never thought of that one. But I suppose it could depend on whether your letter box is floor level or middle of the door.


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