Monday, 25 November 2013

Lets talk about cost versus value

How can you be a thrifty or frugal blogger when you are reviewing a pair of boots that cost £125?  Well before I get to the review I want to cover the cost versus value argument.

My last pair of BIker Boots cost £110 and lasted over eight years.  I wore them most days over the winter.  So lets say I wore them 90 days a year over 8 years that is 720 days wear, which makes then around 15p per wear.

Contrast that to the pair I got in replacement last winter that cost £30 for a well known supermarket that didn't even last two months!

So I have decided I would rather save up and buy something that will last and is comfortable and that has more value to me.

Anyway on to the boots - Dr Martins Diza Ankle Biker Boot from Cloggs, which are 124.99.

I adore them.  They are hard wearing, stylish but more than that they have an air cushioned sole which makes them bliss to wear.

I was concerned that they didn't have a zip and that I would find them hard to get on as I have a high instep and fat foot, but they are not and they are warm, comfy and are going to be my new go to boot.  They have a slight heel,. which at five foot two I really need and are great to wear all day long without your feet aching.

The boots have a distressed leather upper, so will only get better with age and I love them!

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Disclosure: I was sent a pair of Dr Martins Diza Ankle Biker Boot from Cloggs to review thanks to Savoo UK


  1. I totally agree that Boots are one of those items it is worth paying more for. Each winter I'd go through 3-4 pairs of boots (I think it might be something to do with my feet!), but then around 3 years ago I invested in a £120 pair and they are still going strong with virtually no wear to the soles at all!

  2. I always spend a bit more on boots as they will last me much longer most I've spent though is £80 on a pair.


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