Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Do you encourage your children to keep a journal?

As a child I never kept a diary.  I never thought to write down my feelings in to a book.  to jot down the everyday things that happened and as an adult I really wish I did.

I really want to encourage my boys to keep a journal and they both have a three year one with prompts for a simple answer each night.

Mini is like me and has a real love for stationery and when memoetc.co.uk sent us some of their remarkable range (stationery that used to be something else) he claimed it for himself.  He has been using it to write notes, plan out his fantasy football team and challenge himself with sums.

He personalised his book with some fab Washi tape from Scotch tape and carries it around with him.

He can often be found curled up with this notebook and pen in hand and it melts my heart.

I am really grateful to the stationery sent my Memotec, as it means that he can indulge in his love of stationery too (he is just like his mummy with that love)!

Do your children keep a diary or journal?

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  1. Awww that is so fun! Thanks for joining in with the #GetYourCraftOn #Stationery challenge!!


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