Thursday, 7 November 2013

A grown up bedroom for Maxi

Way back in the summer Maxi designed his dream bedroom.  He wanted something that was light, bright and grown up.  He wanted to be able to personalise it with posters and change them as and when rather than have a bedroom themed in any way.

Trying to find anything suitable was a real nightmare and led us to the conclusion that there is a real gap in the market for boys bedrooms, especially if they don't want, football, lego, dinosaurs etc

Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) came to the rescue with their fantastic bright accessories and wonderful book shelves.

  1. Maxi's desk from Ikea, which is accessorized with Globe pencil pot (£2.95) from DotComGiftshop and lamp from Sainsburys
  2. Lampshade - Metal Cameo Shade from Next (£25)
  3. Shelves - Star book ledge (£29 each) from GLTC
  4. Bedding - Debenhams
  5. Lampshade - Next
  6. Canvass - World Map Wall Canvass (£65) from GLTC
  7. Shelving - Deep half sized shelf from Argos, with Globe money box (£8.95) from Dotcomgiftshop 
  8. Rug - Rainbow chevron rug £150) from GLTC

We still haven't finished his room and will be looking for some bright accessories and fairy lights over the coming weeks (once we are back from holiday).  We also have a bright set of star hooks to hang (but want to wait until we are finished)  and also need go get some more wall art (a map of the world).

We are really hoping that this will see Maxi from Tween to Teen and hopefully grow and develop with him.

Disclosure: After seeing our dream bedroom post GLTC approached us and supplied the above items as did Next and Dotcomgiftshop.



  1. Where are all the toys? Not that i'm jealous of anything ;) x

  2. There are some great star fairy lights in Laura Ashley - red and blue - great for boys


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