Wednesday, 27 November 2013

10 Tips for General Clothes Care

Clothes are expensive and I try to ensure that the clothes we have are looking the best they can and that means caring for them. So here are my top 10 tips for looking after your clothes.

  1. Rub zipper teeth with the stub of a candle to keep them running effectively.  You can also use graphite pencil lead to do this.
  2. Clean velcro with a pin, removing any fluff or cottons, so they they stick effectively
  3. Remove lint, either with a lint roller or with tape wrapped the wrong way round your hand (so the sticky side is on the outside)
  4. Launder your clothes correctly
  5. A dab of clear nail polish in the centre of buttons will stop the cotton fraying and keep the buttons on for longer
  6. Steam clothes to remove creases or offensive smells either with a steamer or by hanging in the bathroom whilst you have a shower.
  7. Repair any damage.  I repair any holes and I am a big fan of Jennie Maizels Clothes Plasters for iron on repairs.
  8. Only wash clothes when they are dirty, each wash damages the fabric a little more.  It is OK to return worn clothes to the wardrobe
  9. Hang your clothes and allow them to air if possible.  Use good quality handers and make sure your clothes have room.  Hang them on the hanger with care to make sure that they are not pulled out of shape.
  10. Do not use a tumble dryer.  Dryers wear out fabric quickly. They also set stains and make seams twist and make some hems turn upwards

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