Friday, 25 October 2013

Who came out on top at Women in Business Awards and how can you do the same?

The Women in Business Awards have been and gone, highlighting some of the strongest and leading women in business today.

As such, looking through the list of winners can highlight many business lessons, which will help you achieve the same success in your own company. A good leader knows when to follow another's example and these winners have experienced much success so far, offering some ideal strategies to take into consideration.

The event saw many awards given for both companies and individuals across business. Some of the nominees specifically highlight individuals worth observing.

Rising Star Of The Year

One of the most prestigious prizes in the event, the title of “Rising Star of the Year” title was picked up by Anne Carter after going from strength to strength, leaving only increased growth and profits in her wake.

The lessons learned here are simple but effective. Ms Carter focuses on profitability – encouraging a direct focus on making a profit. Yet this also includes overall growth, from customers to productivity. It's an all-round approach that ensures any business strategy does not become one-sided, staying stable for the future.

International Achievement

Another title that is likely to draw attention, Anne Carter also won the title of “International Achievement Award” with emphasis given to her role as director of RAP International Limited.

She was highlighted for improving imports and exports, taking business to new markets and now being afraid to push developments. This in turn resulted in a growing customer base with many happy clients overseas. It's not just about who's on your doorstep – if your product has the potential you should put it out for availability.

RAP offers an electronic Permit to Work system which helps when maintenance activities are needed on a client’s site. It has issued over five million of these permits since 1995. When Ms Carter started it was in 15 countries – it is now in 29.

One could use this opportunity to argue the direct need for technology and digital platforms – the exponential use of which has likely helped RAP’s success. Even little touches, such as utilising small business accouting software, can make a different. As Ms Carter shows, striving for productivity is essential and even the smallest improvement can free up time to dedicate to this goal.

Innovation in Business

This year saw Natalie Reynolds – of That Useful Company Ltd – win the “Innovation in Business” awards.
As it suggests, this award praises the introduction of new practices that result in positive growth or diversification. One can easily apply this philosophy to various business tools, from software to outsourced services, which can directly improve a company once you get over the initial fear.

Ms Reynolds formed the umbrella company in 2012, combining professionals to work on marketing projects and contracts. The innovative approach allowed for co-operation whilst retaining each specialist’s unique expertises – an approach not seen in many businesses that prefer to label all staff together under imposing contracts. Letting specialists do their roles this way gets the most out of them, as That Useful Company has gone on to offer high quality services in web design, graphic design and even marketing. Free thinking is not to be discouraged.

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