Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ways to save water and money

I am always looking at ways to save money and we are on a water meter so we pay for the water we use. So I am all for looking at ways to save water and being water efficient is not only good for the environment, but also for our budget.

  1. Install water butts to water plants and vegetables in the garden.  You can also use the rain water to wash your car or even clean your windows.
  2. Fill a jug with tap water and place this in your fridge. This will mean you do not have to leave the cold tap running for the water to run cold before you fill your glass.
  3. Only use the washer when you have a full load
  4. Make sure you fill up the dishwasher before using it and use it on an eco cycle.  Many dishwashers are more economical than washing up by hand.
  5. Turn the taps off when brushing your teeth and encourage your children to do the same
  6. Share baths or take showers
  7. Fix a dripping tap. A dripping tap can waste 15 litres of water a day, or 5,500 litres of water a year
  8. Water plants with a watering can rather than a hosepipe and water in the morning or late afternoon when it will evaporate less
  9. Install water efficient toilets or get a devise from your water board that you can put in your cistern to reduce water usage
  10. When running a bath, plug the bathtub before turning on the water. Adjust the temperature as the tub fills

Why not take a look at this water calculator and see just what savings you and your family could make.

What ways do you save water?


  1. Luckily we are not on a meter! I'm so glad we're not! Dread to think how much we'd be charged....
    Great ideas x

  2. It can be worth checking the website of your local water company as some provide free water saving kits. We got one which had a shower timer, a 'save a flush' thing for the toilet and some other bits and bobs which were useful x


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