Friday, 25 October 2013

Top 5 stupid things we do when we're home alone

Anyone who grew up with the Home Alone films knows the joys that can come from having an empty house to yourself. We've all done some pretty stupid things when no one's watching, but here are our favourite silly activities for when we're safe behind closed doors.

Pig out and watch movies

We might not be able to nab a fancy Plaza hotel suite, but scenes of Kevin talking along to an old movie and munching on junk food just have to be recreated! While this can also be a group activity, it's so much better when there’s no one to judge you for grabbing that fifth donut.

Dance around Risky Business-style

Karaoke might fill us with fear but give us an empty house and we'll happily go to town on the tunes. While the shades and white shirt are optional, we'll definitely be sliding along wooden floors and singing into a hairbrush.

Do your chores with nothing on

Be honest, we've all tried this at some point. Whether it’s laundry or the vacuuming, chores are just more enjoyable when you don't have to bother with clothes. Embrace the lack of prying eyes and ditch the stitches, sticking with must-have Ugg boots for ultimate comfort. Just be careful when you’re cooking dinner!

The Bridget Jones montage

It’s raining cats and dogs outside, you’re feeling a little sad and lonely, so what do you do? Make like the ultimate single lady by pouring yourself a glass of wine, donning your best ugly cry face and belting out 'All By Myself' at the top of your lungs. This one’s particularly effective on Valentine's Day.

Sled down the stairs

When it snows in Britain there’s barely a minute to grab your sledge before everything is grey and mushy. Fortunately with a bit of prep you can sled down the stairs all year round! Put on some padded gear, place your duvet or several big cushions all the way down the steps, and get sliding. You might be a little red faced if you get caught in the act, but the rush is totally worth it.

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  1. hahaha! Off to try sledding down the Sounds like fun x


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