Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Thrifty and natural skin care

Before I had children and spare money, I used to love make up and cosmetics and spent far more than I should on them.   The result being that I have a terribly sensitive skin.

However, two things have happened since my boys were born, 1 I am much more careful with my money and secondly I want to use natural and paraben free products.  These two things do not sit naturally side by side and for years I have struggled to find products that suit me.  Until now..

I was recently introduced to amie skincare, they are not only natural, but they are also much less expensive than other "natural" products.

I have been using spring clean clay mask (£4.99) on my spot ridden chin (I think it is down to being very run down) and it is making a difference and I am not having any reaction. It smells divine and really seems to be gentle on my skin but really effective at drawing out the impurities.

Aime Bright Eyes is their eye make up remover and since having my eyes lasered they have been really sore and dry, but this doesn't sting and it really does remove any eye make up I have been wearing.

I have also been testing Morning Dew, which is a matte-finish moisturiser.  Perfect for me as I tend not to wear make up.  It is again under £5 and you get 100ml for that.  Not only has it left my skin really soft, but it is free from mineral oils, parabens and sulfates.

What skin care products do you buy and how much do you spend?


  1. These products look great. I'm always on the look out for natural beauty products. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. It’s really an amazing and informative article regarding skin care. I appreciate your post because you have mentioned some important product's name to protect skin from the harsh effects. Thank you for sharing this well described article.


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