Monday, 28 October 2013

No spend rainy day activities

rainy days can sometimes be the bain of our lives over the summer, especially if you have something planned and can not do it.

Don't despair, think of it as time you can spend with your children having fun as a family with things you already have in the house.

  1. Build an indoor den.  Get out the blankets, quilts and towels and turn the table into a den, put all the cushions and pillows in the house on the floor and pile in.  I have such fond memories of turning the clothes airer into a den as a child.  
  2. Have a board games tournament.  What better than getting out lots of games and having a league table and keeping scores.
  3. Get the colouring pens out and have family colouring time.  We have some great how to draw books, bit we all have much more fun when we colour and draw together.
  4. Gluing and sticking is great fun for children of all ages.  We love making meals on paper plates, but you could make masks, decoupage (using magazines) or do some paper mache.   My children love junk modeling using things we have in the recycling box.
  5. Most people have scraps of wool in the house, so why not make some pom poms.  

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  1. We've been experiencing that rainy day frustration! Thanks for the suggestions. We will be building a den very soon I'm sure :)


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