Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Help World Vision turn halloween in to a Night of Hope

This Halloween, World Vision are asking people to turn the 31st of October in to a Night of Hope.  For many children around the world there are real things to be afraid of and World Vision is fighting to make the world a safer place for young people vulnerable to child marriage, malnutrition, dirty water and more.

They are asking people to take part their charity campaign, “Every Child Free from Fear”, by carving a heart into a pumpkin. Everyone who downloads their pumpkin carving guide can enter a prize draw to win a cookery class with celebrity chef, Lesley Waters.

How to get involved
1. Download a pumpkin PDF guide to enter the prize draw
2. Carve a heart in a pumpkin
3. Send them a picture via facebook or twitter 
5. See if you win a cookery class with Lesley Waters!

We haven't yet carved our pumpkins, but I love the one that Molly at Mothers Always Right did in support of the campaign.

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