Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Blind Safety. Take action now

We have blinds in our home.  Black out blinds in the bedroom and slatted blinds in the conservatory and living room.  Up until we recently redecorated we had child safety devices fitted for all our blinds.

My boys are now 7 and 8 and I feel that they are old enough to understand the dangers of blinds and also be responsible for closing and opening their own, so we no longer use them.

However, a new survey conducted by Apollo Blinds makes for scary reading.  It states that even though most parents are now aware that children can strangle themselves on looped blind cords in the home only a third of us have actually taken the steps to fit safety clips or make sure blinds are safe, even those fitted in children’s rooms. Moreover, only 21 per cent of parents thought homes visited regularly by their children had safe blinds.

Apollo Blinds have also come up with 5 steps to safety:

1 Do an audit in your home – are any looped window blind cords dangling untethered? Even if they’re high up, they need to be tied back – children often climb!

2 If you’re unsure, call your local Apollo store for help and advice or even a free audit. Visit www.apollo-blinds.co.uk  

3 Select the best type of safety device for your blinds – cord cleats can be used for romans and venetian cords, while P clips are great for vertical chains

4 Place the cleats or clips where they can secure the cords. Mark the screw holes and drill holes. Insert raw plugs into the holes then simply screw the hooks or cleats to the wall.

5 Wrap excess cord around the cleat hook or secure the chain/cord into the clip.

This post in brought to you in conjunction with Apollo Blinds


  1. A lot of companies now fit safety devices for free as part of blind fitting. Obviously if blinds are pre-kids they won't have been fitted but I was reassured when we had some fitted in our 3 year old's room that the company insisted on fitting them x

  2. As Liveseygril said a lot of companies are now including safety devices with the fitting. When we ordered our bedroom blinds, they came with a safety clip. If not I'd definitely as the retailer to provide one.


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